Law office of Roman Vandzhurak

the company’s main slogan, which reflects the goals we aim for in our work
Proper protection of the rights of our clients and their interests is one of the main principles of the law firm’s activity, and their gratitude for the work we have done inspires us to new achievements.
Despite the fact that the company is quite young, lawyers of our law office have more than ten years of experience in the field of protection and representation of clients’ interests.
Law office of Roman Vandzhurak
– is a team of professionals in the market of legal services of Ukraine, represented in various regions of the country with the main office in the city of Kyiv.
an atmosphere of friendliness and respect, with complete confidentiality and the opportunity to independently choose one of the ways of solving your problem proposed by us.
at least – a free legal consultation online or by phone. There is also an opportunity to ask questions in writing in the corresponding section of this website.
Law office
Pavlo Shcherbatenko
specialization – financial and economic law
He has more than ten years of legal experience
Graduated from the Faculty of Law of Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University
Has more than 15 years of experience in banks and financial institutions
Roman Vandzhurak
Head of the bureau
Doctor of Philosophy in Law
He has more than ten years of experience as a lawyer
Lawyer of famous Ukrainian politicians, state companies and non-state organizations
Oleksandr Milotvorskyi
Seventeen years of experience as a lawyer
Support of current activities and corporate development of enterprises in the field of wholesale and retail trade in petroleum products.
Assessment of investment attractiveness of objects, development of schemes for acquisition of rights to property complexes, land plots, corporate rights, legal support of construction.

In the civil legal sphere of litigation, the lawyers of the bureau successfully represent the interests of individuals and legal entities in various fields of civil, economic and administrative litigation.

Thanks to our lawyers, dozens of clients received deposits, inheritance, restored the right to a plot of land, and recognized ownership of disputed property, kept housing and other property in credit relations, received compensation for damages in the event of a road accident, illness, etc. Not a single client of ours was left alone in the process of divorce, division of the property of the spouses and resolution of issues related to maintenance and place of residence of children.

Our law office has several acquittals as a result of defending clients in serious and especially serious crimes

and dozens of successfully completed criminal cases on favorable terms for the client. Currently, the company’s lawyers defend clients in high-profile cases against politicians, big business owners and representatives of the highest levels of government.

Persons accused of committing administrative offenses were not left without protection either.

such as drunk driving, causing an accident, domestic violence, etc. The work of our office: for example, in cases under Art. 130 of the Code of Administrative Offenses (driving while intoxicated), makes 5 of the 6 cases closed for lack of an administrative offense out of the 6 that we conducted recently.

If the national authorities were unable to protect the violated rights of our clients, the lawyers and lawyers of our law office continue to fight for the client’s rights until they have used all the provided methods and methods of their protection.

One of these ways is to file a complaint with the European Court of Human Rights. Our office has a positive experience of applying to the European Court of Human Rights and has several positive decisions of the European Court of Human Rights.