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The office provides professional legal services to legal entities and individuals in the city of Kyiv and throughout Ukraine. Lawyers’ assistance and free consultations are provided for the following main categories of cases:

Criminal cases

Assistance of lawyers. Free consultations. Defense and representation in criminal cases at all stages of the proceedings, regardless of the client’s procedural status and the severity of the suspicion or accusation (supporting the interrogation of a witness, search, cancellation of property seizure, assistance at the stage of execution of a court sentence, parole, etc.)


Civil cases

Representation of a lawyer in civil cases at all stages of their consideration, from the collection of evidence to the execution of a court decision, on the side of the plaintiff, the defendant or a third party (divorce, division of property, debt collection, recognition of property ownership, moving in/out, inheritance, compensation damages, property claims, credit cases, free consultations)

Criminal cases

Assistance of a lawyer (defense and representation) in cases of administrative offenses, including cases at customs (travel to the scene of the accident, protection under Article 130, return of driver’s license, recovery of damage caused as a result of a road accident, disputes with insurance, return of property seized at customs, etc. )

Economic affairs

Representation by a lawyer (lawyer group) of the interests of legal entities in commercial courts of all levels, from the collection of evidence to the execution of a court decision (bankruptcy, collection of funds, recognition of invalidity (executed or terminated), contracts, legal support of business, inspections of regulatory bodies, countering raiding, subscriber service )

Administrative matters

Assistance of a lawyer (representation of the interests of individuals and legal entities in administrative cases on appeals against the actions or inactions of authorities (appeals against decisions of city or village councils, cancellation of prohibitions, prescriptions, tax notices-decisions, pension cases, free telephone consultations)
European Court


Representation of interests in the European Court of Human Rights . Study of the case, establishment of violated rights, collection of evidence of such violation, drafting, formation and submission of a complaint to the Court, correspondence with the Court, support for the implementation of the Court’s decision, review of court decisions in the case after the decision of the European Court.